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皆さんが早くATCがマスターできるように、ATCの書き写しもしてみましたよ。 試しに聞いて見てください。 ATCの訓練には最適でしょう。 無音部分はカットしてます。大分、短くなってます。 (54分から18分に) 私が現役の時は最初の頃にカセットテープとプリントした物を手渡して早くATCに慣れて頂きました。 内容的にはまだまだ少ないので、もう少し増やしたいとは思っています。

これれがファイルです。  音声ファイル EN-235 です!

耳の聞き取りが劣化しています。 でも、そんなに大きく間違えていないと思います。 でもこれと一著にATCを聞いてもらえると、良い勉強になると思います。  IFRクリアランスも2度もあったんで、皆に良い練習と思います。一人はグランドにファイルしてもらってたしね。

この間のATISです。 ATIS-I 1548 Zulu, 途中から ATIS-J 1648 Zulu.

Montgomery Tower Information India, 1547 Zulu, wind calm, visibility 5 haze, sky clear, temperature 19, depoint 14, altimeter 2997, ILS Approach runway 28 right or visial approach in use, landing or departure runways 28 left, 28 right. For the Los Angeles, Hawthorn, Las Vegas. Notice to Aimen, BP self-service pump is out of service. Airmet Sierra update to valid. For additional information conact HIWAS, Flight Watch, Flight Service. Read back all hold short instructions. advice you have information India.


"For the Los Angeles......" は Flow Controlの事でしょうが、そのフレーズが省かれています。Flow Controlは到着の予想が予測されるので、上空で待たせたり、他の空港へ行く可能性を減らす為に離陸する時間を遅らせ、上空での待ちを減らすのが目的です。 天候は晴れているみたいですが、Visibilityが5マイルと低めです。

Montgomery Tower Information Juliett, 1648 Zulu, wind 250 at 4, visibility 6 haze, sky clear, temperature 23, depoint 13, altimeter 2997, ILS Approach runway 28 right or visial approach in use, landing or departure runways 28 left, 28 right, Notice to Aimen, BP pump is out of service. Airmet Sierra update to valid, For additional information conact HIWAS, Flight Watch, Flight Service. Read back all hold short instructions. advice you have information Juliett.


NOTAMの事はセルフ・サービスのBP社のガソリンスタンドが使用できない事を言っています。Airmet Sierraが出てますのでFSSにお問い合わせの事、、、とも言っています。緑色はIFR用です。 天候はVisibilityが6マイルと悪いですが、気温とDewpointの差が広がっており、上空に雲もなさそうなので当分の間はVFR weatherが続きそうです。

音声ファイル MYF Tower and Ground EN-235

King Air 473WF, cross left that taxiway F, cross runway 28 Left then contact ground 118.22.
King Air 3WF, croww runway 28 Left then grond

MYF Grond, King Air 3WF, H and W for transient parking
King Air 473WF, MYF Ground, taxi to transient.

Baron 6683X, MYF Tower, winds 240 at 5, runway 28 Right, cleared to land.

Wind calm.

??? xxx 5680 number 1, at 28 right, right close traffic

Cessna 25680 make right traffic, runway 28 Right, cleared for takeoff, no delay, Baron 3 miles final

(1:00 King AirがTaxi中、バロン3マイルFinal、2機Close Traffic)

Make right traffic, runway 28 right, cleared for takeoff, no delay, 80

Baron 83X, traffic is departing prior to your arrival.

MYF Tower, This is Cessna 734MY holding short Runway Left, 28 Left, waiting for departure to left,,,,to the west
Cessna 734MY, MYF Tower, West-band approved. Runway 28 Left, cleared for takeoff.
clear xxx clear for takeoff, 4Mike...

Grond, Bonanza 3133W
Bonanza 3133W, MYF ground
We'd like clearnce to St. Johns
Bonanza 33W, clearnce on request.

(2:00 2機 Right Traffic, Cessna Westband deprture, Boananza IFR Clearance 待ち)

Wind Calm

That is 33W, correct?
OK, Baron? 33W, the computer saying flight plan is NOT stored.


If you want, you ca give me your type and airspeed ......

33W, Where is St. John Airport?
It's ,uh, near Phonex.

Baron 33W, Go ahead and give your aircraft type, equipment suffix, airspeed, uh, final reqested altitude, and request route of flights

33W, Beech 33/G, altutude 15,000, direct Julian, direct Shadi intersection, that is SHADI, direct Blythe, BLH, direct St. Johns,,,,over.
Can you give me identifier for St. Johns, please.
St Jones is SJN.
Baron 33W, uh, Bonanza 33W, clearnace on request.
hey, thanks..... xxxx

Baron 83X, MYF Ground,
We are going to the xxxx (Gibb?)
Baron 83X, MYF Ground, taxi to Gibbs.

Cessna 860, Runway 28 Right, cleared for touch-and-go, wind 180 at 4.

(4:00 Baron Taxxing to Gibbs, Bonaanza IFR待ち、2機Close Traffic)

Bonanza 33W, Ready copy IFR?
xxx 3W, go ahead.
Bonazan 33W, Cleared to the St Johns, After Departure turn left heading 270, Radar Vector to Julian, then as filed, climb and maintain 3,000, expect 15,000, 10 munitues after depature, Depature frequency 119.6, SQAWK 1345.
33W, cleared to St. Johns, on departure, turn left 270, radar vector to Julian, then as as filed, 3,000, 15 after 10, 1196, 1345.
Bonanza 33W, read back is coorect, advise Tower IFR.
Just for curiosity, how did you file that? depature over softs, DAUTs?
Flight Service
Roger, and adivise ready, Bonanza 33W, advise ready to taxi.
33W, thanks

winds 240 at 5

MYF Tower, Cessna 860, I like to depature to the west.
Cessna 860, west depature? approved

MYF Ground, Cessna 2158F, at Gibbs, taxiing to (?grab UPS all way back way? 不明)
Cessna 2158F, if you are going to head back field area. It is your own risk. It is non-movement area.
58F Roger, we are just (xxxx going on 不明)

MYF Ground, Cessna 5335P, at Gibbs, request taxi to runway 28 right with IndiaI.
Cessna 5335P, taxi to runway 28 right via Hotel and Alfa, and information Juliett will be up shortly, wind 250 at 4, altimeter 2997.
Cessna? xxx 28 right via Hotel and Alfa.

MYF Ground, Mooney 823TH with you, G, taxi for takeoff xxx?
Aircraft Indian Golf, MYF gound, say call sign again.
Monney 823TH
Monney 823TH, MYF Ground, taxi to Runway 28 Right by Hotel and Alpha.
28 Right, Hotel, alpa, 3TH

Attention all aircraft, Information Juliett is current, Winds calm, altimeter 2997.

Mooney 3TH, follow a Cessna outband on Juliett.
xxxx that Cessna, will follow. 3TH.

050G with you couple miles to Miramer, visuals to the right.
(彼はIFR的かなり略しています。couple milesは2 milesと言う意味です。)

7:00 (CitationがRight Base、Mooneyが離陸準備中。BonanzaがIFR Depature前)

Citation 7050G, MYF Tower, continue for right base entery for 28 right.
will ontinue for 53(G)

Citation 50G, wind calm, runway 28 right cleared to land.

MYF Ground, taxi as requested


Mooney 823TH, MYF Tower, right downwind depature approved, runway 28 Right, cleared for takeoff, traffic ... 3 miles right base over Miramer
Roger cleared for takeoff, 28 right for 3TH.

(Bonanza 3133WがGroundを呼んできるようですが、電波が弱く受信不能の為、削除)
Bonanza 3133W, Information Juliett is now current, wind 230 at 3, altimeter 2997. Taxi to 28 gight via Hotel and Alpa.
Hotel and Alpa, 28 right, 33W.
Bonanza 33W, addvise when you have information Juliett
(不明多し、I will get xxx down xxxx)

MYF Tower, This is 5335P, at 28 right ready for straight out departure.

(8:00 35P Departing, 33W IFR前、Mooney Leaving, Citation arriving)

Cessna 5335P, MYF Tower, Hold Sohrt runway 28 right for traffic.
Hols short 28 right, 335P.

(無音 Cut)

MYF Gorund, Cessna 24780, San Deigo Flight Training Center, taxi to runway 28 right, information Juliett
Cessna 24780, MYF ground, taxi to runway 28 right, via Hotel and Alpa
Taxi to runway 28 right, via Hotel and Alpha, 780



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