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FAA筆記試験問題 ADM for Private and Commercial Pilot, Aeronautical Decision Makings

*** Risk Management ***

Risk management, as part of the Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) process, relies on which features to reduce the risks associated with each flight?
A) The mental process of analyzing all information in a particular situation and making a timely decision on what action to take.
B) Application of stress management and risk element procedures.
C) Situational awareness, problem recognition, and good judgment.


*** Right Stuff ***

Examples of classic behavioral traps that experienced pilots may fall into are: trying to
A) assume additional responsibilities and assert PIC authority.
B) promote situational awareness and then necessary changes in behavior.
C) complete a flight as planned, please passengers, meet schedules, and demonstrate the "right stuff."

The basic drive for a pilotto demonstrate the "right stuff' can have an adverse effect on safety, by
A) a total disregard for any alternative course of action.
B) generating tendencies that lead to practices that are dangerous, often iliegal, and may lead to a mishap.
C) allowing events, orthe situation, to control his or her actions.

*** Stress Management ***

What does good cockpit stress management begin with?
A) Knowing what causes stress.
B) Eliminating life and cockpit stress issues.
C) Good life stress management.

To help manage cockpit stress, pilots must
A) be aware of life stress situations that are similar to those in flying.
B) condition themselves to relax and think rationally when stress appears.
C) avoid situations that will degrade their abilities to handle cockpit responsibilities.

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