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10分から 録音終了の18分24秒までです。 無線のお勉強にどうぞ。 (前半の録音

録音(後半部分) 18分24秒 4.32Mb

Cessna 72V, not receiving transponder.
uh, 72V

72V, use caution for aircraft over the studium, also in banners, Ido have your transponder now, runway 28 Left, cleared to land.
72V, We like to make a short approach if it's OK with you.
Short approach approved.
72V, Short Approach runway 28 Right (LeftとRightを間違えてる)

13X, frequecy change approved


54C, frequecy change.
54C, frequecy change approved.


N-62P, turn left at next intersection, then contact ground on 118.22.
Contact ground, 62P

Montgomey Tower, 23 ????
??? 2, roger, transition east bound is approved, Montogmery 3025.
(上手くは受信できていませんがCall Sign が Sierra 2 にも聞こえる。


Montgomey Tower, Good Morning, Conquest 65BZ one mile xxx at 2-thousand-5 inbound with Charlie
N-66BZ, Say Again type of your Aircfart.
uh, Conquest. uh, 6BZ (Cessnaの双発でTurbo-Propです。)
66BZ, 2,500 you are turning east bound?
uh, affirmative, west-bound.
West-bound, yes sure, traffic is a Duchess directed for the ILS, uh, 2,700.

01:25 (一つ交信がありましたが、雑音が多く削除しました。)

Conquest 6BZ, Roger, I have you, uh,in, speed up little bit, put you ahead of Dutchess, get number one, for runway 28 Right.
xxx? the best speed. 28 Right, traffic looking.


Conquest 6BZ, has the Dutchess traffic insight.


6BZ, runway 28 Right, cleared to land.
cleared to land, 28 Right, 6BZ.


Montgomey Tower, 32D, on the ILS
Duchess 6632D, Montgomey Tower, number 2 to follow Conquest at your 12 o'clock, and a mile and half, runway 28 Right, cleared forlow approach, VFR right downwind departure is approved.
Cleared ofr low approach, traffic in sight, 32D

Helicopter 60R, at number 23, request air taxi to Mid-port, then we get wind check, please.
(number 23は滑走路23. wind check は風の情報、風向と風力を、と言う意味です。
ヘリコプターなのでAir Taxiと言いますが飛行機のTaxiみたいな物ですが地面の上を移動できないので、
Air Taxiと言ってるんでしょう。単にTaxiと言う事もあいります。)


Helicopter 60R, air taxi to Mid-port, Wind Calm.
60R, Ait Taxi to Mid-port

Montgomey Tower, Cessna 2219, at, uh, runway 28 Right, ready for takeoff, for a right downwind departure.
Cessna 2219E, Montgomey Tower, Hold Short runway 28 Right.
Having short of 28 Right, uh, 2219E.


uh, Duchess 32D, traffic is , at, over San Deigo State, 1,500.
Traffic is in-sight, 32D.
nd, We forget your xxx xxx (何を言っているのか分からないけど、方向を聞いてるのと思います。)
Roger, remain visual separation with that traffic, frequecy change approved.
Good Day.


Montgomey Tower, Cessna 3091B, holding short at 28 Left, just stay in the pattern, touch-and-go.
Cessna 3091B, Montgomey Tower, make left close traffic, runway 28 Left, cleared for takeoff.
91B, going.

Wind 170 at 3.


Montgomey Tower, this is Cessna 5335P, holding short 28 Right in sequence for a right downwind depature.
Cessna 5335P, Montgomey Tower, continue holind, you will be number 2 for depature.
Number 2, 5335P
And, Conquest 6BZ,thanks for the help. Cross runway 28 Left, contact ground, 118.22 on another side.
Conquest 6BZ, uh, cross 28 Left, contact ground. 不明
  (ゴメンなさい、最後の部分が分からないので削除しました。 内容は世間話みたいな感じでした。)


Cessna 19E, continue holding in, forget about you, Duchess on half mile final.(忘れてたって)
Just continuing to hold, 2219E, being patient.

04:09 (削除しましたが、誰かが無言で交信していました。)

Tower, Montgomey Tower, I gat carry, no voice.
(正式には Carry Only, No voiceです。信号が聞こえるが音声が無いよと言う意味です。)
  サーとCarryが聞こえるが、声が聞こえない時に Carry Only, No Voiceと言います。)

32D, going around xxx xxx. 不明
Duchess 32D, Maintain VFR and you present Code, establish, correction, right downwind departure approved, establish east-bound, contact SoCAL Approach on 124.35.
Roger, 32D.
Cessna 91B, 28 Left, ctag.
Cessna 19E, right downwind depature approved, runway 28 Right, cleared for takeoff.
Right downwind depature approved ...混信....(英語ではStepped onとも言います)


Cessna 19E, you are cutted off by somebody else, runway, you are, 28 Right, cleared for takeoff, right downwind depature approved.
19E, is cleared for takeoff.

Somebady has a hard mike or stuck mike.
(Stuck Mikeはボタンがゴミなどで押された状態のままのマイクを言います。)


Cessna 35P, runway 28 Right, Postion and Hold.
35P, Position and Hold.

Montgomey Tower, Cessna 562AG with Delta, We'd like to land, please.


Cessna 562AG, Say your location.
uh, Just over shore line at 3,, uh, 3400 feet.
2AG, Roger, remain outside of Class Brave Airspace, SQUAWK 0400, for left traffic, runway 28 Left, information ... Delta is currenct.


0400, and could you give me rest of instruction again, please.
2AG, Yes, sir, SQUAWK 0400, enter left traffic for runway 28 Left, Verify you have ATIS information Delta.
I have ATIS Delta, 0400 SQUAWK. Thank you very much.
Cessna 19E, the Cessna off the parallel is in south patterns.
From 19E, we have 195, thanks
19E, We have 91B, thanks
And, 91B, traffic off of your right is, uh, will be a right downwind, Cessna 35P, right downwind departure approved, cleared for takeoff.
cleared for takeoff, 5335P.


Montgomery, could you still confirm me the runway instructions, I will apologise.
2AG, turn back to south, or head toward to Mt. Soledad, Are you familiar?
I'm familar, sorry, 2 pilots.
Roger, Suggest heading of 210.
The airport you are probably looking at, oh,long runways is that's , uh, Miramar Naval Air Station, uh, correction, Marine Corp Air Station.
Very nice runway, thank you, 2AG.
Having us is Very short, so, suggest heading 210.
Having to 210. thank you sir, 2AG


Cessna 91B, runway 28 Left, clear touch-and-go.
91B, Roger.


Montgomey Tower, Pitts 86PS, with Delta, inbound Torrey Pines. (Pitts、翼が上下に2枚有る曲芸用の飛行機)
Pitts 86PS, Montgomey Tower, Say your altitude.
28 Left?, 1400. (最初に28 Leftと聞こえたが、彼が慣れてるので先に言ったのでしょうか?)


Pitts xxx? 86PS, roger, SQUAWK 0400 for left traffic, runway 28 Left
SQAWK 0400, Left traffic, 28,. We like right if we get it.
Roger, have your request.
Cessna 2AG, suggest heading now of 190.
190, 2AG, Thanks for the help.
No Sorry. Now, Soledad is at your 12 o'clock and a mile. You see that?
I do see it, 2AG.
Additional traffic is a Pitts off of your right at 1,300 feet.
Looking for the trraffic, 2AG.
Pitts 68PS, have you start turn toward airport now, I'm going to have to xxx? (私にはMaryに聞こえるが。Cessna 2AGの事)follow you inbound because he is unfamiliar.
xxx inbound Mt. Soledad (雑音で意味不明)
Cessna 2AG, Pitts is still at your 3 o'clock, a mile at Altitude 1,300 feet, I will have you follow him inbound.
OK, lookin for traffic, 2AG.

Cessna 19E, remain outside Class Brave Airspace and Class Delta Airspace, Frequency change approved.


ピー Montgomey Tower, Cessna 2473U, holding short of runway 28 Right, request, uh,takeoff, west-bound departure.
Montgomey Tower, Helicopter 122JG.
Heliopter 122JG. Montgomey Tower.
We are at xxx? ramp, and we have a Delta, we are left dowwind departure.
Helicopter 122JG, and flight proccee as, use caution, wind 150 at 6.(あまり自信ないです)
2JG, thanks.


OK, Cessna 9AG, turn left, suggest heading 070.
turn left 070, 2AG
19B, runway 28 Left, clear touch and go and I will call your crosswind.
91B, Roger.
Cessna 2473U, West-bound Departure approved, runway 28 Right, cleared for takeoff.
cleared for takeoff, 28 Right, 2473U


Cessna 2AG, turn to the north.
Turning to the North, 2AG.
Pitt 6PS, traffic is a taildragger at head-on to yourleft for runway 28 Left, pass behind him, runway 28 Right, cleared to land.
6PS, looking.
Cessna 2AG, turn suggest heading 030, now.
Turning to the right 030. 2AG
Let me know when you see my airport.
I have your airport insight.
Then, uh, left traffic for runway 28 Left, traffic is a 3 banners tows over vicinity of Qualicomm Studium, maneuvering between 1,000 and 1,200.
cleared xxx xxx 28 Left, thank you 2AG (雑音)


Pitts 6PS, Do you have, uh, the Cessna traffic?
I, now, Looking.
I sugesst not to wide out downwind to the right little bit, just to avoid the traffic over Qualicomm.
Roger that.


Montgomey Tower, Cessna 12534, 3,500 feet for Torre Pines, for touch-and goes.
Montgomey Tower, 6632D, inbound for the ILS.
Just listen to each other, OK, Novenmber-6632D, traffic is at your 2 o'clock, 1 mile, and altitude 1,300 indicated is a Cessna.

10:43 (雑音あったが削除)

Pitts 86Ps, turn inbound towards for the runway landing 28 Right. cleared to land. (PittsだけどCessna に聞こえる。)
28 Right, 6PS.
91B, uh, turn base, runway 28 Left, cleared for takeoffg.
Roger ?? 91B, clear touch and go
Sorry call soon (変な英語ですけど、早く言わなくてゴメンと言う意味。)


Cessna 1108W, inside Miramar, Hello (さっきの雑音の元でしょう)
N-1108W, Montgomey Tower, enter right traffic runway 28 Right.
Right traffic, 28 Right, 08W.
And, uh, Helicopters 2JG, reamain south of Lake Muray, traffic inbound on the ILS.
832JG. Frequency change.
uh, Bonan, Duchess 32D, traffic is flying to is a helicopter 1,300, east-bound.
Looking to, Roger.


Montgomey Tower, Cessna 382VX, 28 Left for takeoff, straight-out departure.
Standby, Cessna 2AG, you are....number one for runway 28 Left, avoid the trafffic over Qualicomm Stadium, if you fly with, uh, three banner tows. Do you have them?
I have banner tows, thank you, 2AG.
Roger, bring downwin little close to the tower, sir.


91B, you are number three to follow head-on to your right, at 1,600, stragiht-in parallel.
91B, roger.


N-08W, continue downwind, you will be numbeer two to follow a duchess on 3 mile final, for traffic in-sight. (最初は同時送信でしょう、混信した様な雑音です。アメリカではStepped-onと表現します、)
I will be number two, havolding Duchess in-sight, 08W.


Duchess 32D, runway 28 Right, cleared for low approach, VFR right downwind depature approved.
xxx ??? (32D とでも言ってるのでしょうか?)
13154, Montgomey Tower, SQUAWK 0400, for left traffic, runway 28 Left, I have request.
Cessna, correction, Pitts 8PS, turn left on taxiway Echo, hold short of runway 28 Left by Golf, remain on my frequency.
Roger, Holdinf shor 28 Left, (8)PS.


Cessna 2AG, You're number one for runway 28 Left, cleared to land, xxx? Duchess on a mile and half final for the parallel 1,300.
cleared to land, 2AG
And, Duchess 32D, traffic is Cessna on left base for the parallel.
32D? (雑音)
Pitts 86PS, without delay, cross runway 28 Left, contact ground on 118.22 on the other side.
Pitts 6PS, cross runway 28 Left.
91B, continue downwind, I will call you base for one departures.
91B, roger.
And, who is going shore line, 28 Left.
Cessna 3386E for stright-out departure.


Cessna 3368E, continue holding short, runway 28 Left, landing traffic.
68E, holding short 28 Left.
Cessana, 73U, Say -- Position.
Just abeam Soledad
Thank you, at 1400?
That's affirmative.
Thank you.

Cessna 534, procceed to Mission Bay, enter on 45, for runway 28 Left. I still have request.
uh, 52, 534.
Cessna 534, traffic is three banner tows over Qualicomm Stadium, also, keep downwind inside the, them

534. looking.


uh, tower, Duchess 32D, going out XXX?
And, 08W, runway 28 Right, cleared to land
xxx 08W
Cessna 91B, turn base at you discresion,runway 28 Right, cftg, traffic in position(? 意味不明)
xxx cleared to land on the left or clear to touch-and go on the left.
Cessna 86E, runway 28 Left, postion and hold, traffic is a taildrager on the 2 mile final. (小さい車輪が最後尾に有る飛行機。)
86E, postion and hold, 28 Left.


Everybody be quiet, Let me do the talk. I will call you. (忙しくて、「全員、静かにしてくれ、私に話をさてくれ。私が呼ぶから」だそうです。)
Cessna 2AG, turn left at that taxiway Golf, contact ground 118.22.
Thank you for the help. contact ground.
My pleasure, (何か矛盾してるぞ。)
And, Bonanza 08W, turn to, no, I have you.


Chess 32D, I understand you cancel IFR, and maintain VFR east-bound for present, contact SoCAL Approach on 124.35.
Roger 124 35, 32D

Cessna,,,,Cessna 68E, straight-out depature approved, runway 28 Left, cleared for takeoff.
68E rolling, 28 Left.

Cessna 170RW??, 3 mile east of the Lake Murray, inbound for landing with Delta, at 2,700.
Cessna east of Lake Murrya, remain out side of my class, Delta Airspace, probably back in 2 minutes.
(忙しいのでClass Deltaに入らない様に言っています。
管制官が相手のCall Signを言わない事で法律上では交信の確立が出来ていません。
相手のCall Signを言わない事で「Two-way Communicaton(双方向交信)」が確立していません。

90W, turn left runway 23, and hold short runway 28 Left, remain on my frequency.
Holding short 28 Left, 90W.


Bonanza 90W, speed up crossing 28 Left, then contact ground 118.22 on the side, a taildragger on the half mile final.
xxx? 90W xxx?


252, Montgomey Tower.

Aircraft on East of lake Murray, Call Montgomey Tower, what was the call sign?
172RW, uh, at 3000, uh, inbound for landing.
172RW, ident, for stright-in runway 28 Right,
Ident, for stright-in runway 28 Right 2RW


534 I have all banner tows xxxx?.
2534, Roger, runway 28 Left, cftg, and I will call your crosswind.
534, you will call crosswind


Montgomey Tower, 43Z is 3 miles North of Mt. Soledad, inbound for 28 Right with Delta.
43Z, Montgomey Tower, SQUWAK 0400, for left traffic, runway 28 Left. What's type of aircraft?
We're 172 slant Golf. (機種は172で、装備がGです。Slantは「/」が語源で航空装備を管制官に伝える時に言います。)
(GはIFR GPS, Transponder Mode Cが装備されています。訓練機に多いのは/Uや/Aも多いです。)
Thank you.
What was SQUAWK Code again for 43Z?
And, 91B, be left traffic.
91B, Roger
43Z, SQUWAK 0400.
0400 for. (43Zとでも言う予定だったのでしょう。)

Cherokee 2??? Montgomey Tower. (意味不明)
Banner Tows 96D, 18B, 93F traffic is a blimp, south east of your position at 3,300 feet, I am not talking to him.
96D, traffic in-sight.
93F, traffic in-sight.
18B, traffic in-sight.
Thank you

Stanton? 96D, we like to proceed to east-bound. (機種不明)
xxx what?
Statnton 96D? (機種不明)
Stanton 96D, Roger, Transition east-bound approved, and advise when need to turn north-bound (機種不明)


91B, runway 28 Left, cleared touch and g.
91B, Roger.
91B, traffic is 4 miles final on for the parallel.
91B, we are looking.
534, go around.
2RW, runway 28 Right, cleared to land, traffic is a taildragger on left downwind, uh, approaching for the parallel.
2RW, uh, xxx? looking for traffic.
534, enter right close traffic.
Right traffic, 534.


Montgomey Tower, airship 52
52, Montgomey Tower.
52, about, uh. 6 miles south-east at 3,500. we are going over Qualicomm Studium for about 4 hours.
52, Roger, are you going to stay at present altitude?
I will keep it at 3,500, same altitude most of time(?)


Montgomey Tower, Stream Air 145, visial on 28 Right.(チャーター機か?Airline?)
Roger, 14...... (録音終了 18:24)

2007−10−10 製作終了

注意: 2010年09月からFAAのTowerの指示が変わりました。  離陸時に滑走路上で待機せよと言うのが、 新しく国際標準の"Line-up and Wait"に変わり、以前の"Position and Hold" や Taxi into Position and Hold"が廃止されました。  このサイトでは以前の ...Position and Hold."の音声データが大半です。  現在はLine Up and Waitです。申し訳ございませんが、この部分は注意して下さい。



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