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Reid Hillview Tower : Audio to Text

音声ファイル No.4  2008-09-14


(0:25) Citabria 06G, traffic 10 - 11 o’clock, 1 mile, appears to be west

(1:02) …bound, altitude indicates 1100 (?) that aircraft.


Roger, thanks

Cessna 21M, 31R, cleared for takeoff


Citabria 538, runway 31L, cleared for the option

Cleared for the option 538


31R, cleared for the infield

Last aircraft calling, type (?)

Skylane 7383X, (?)

Skylane 7383X, Reid Hillview Tower, make (?) for runway 31R

3 mile final for runway 31R

Skylane 83X, number 2, following a Cessna on a downwind, approaching base, runway 31R, cleared to land


(2:43) Cessna 18N (?)

Cessna 18N observed


Cessna 18N, roger, change (?) runway 31R


(3:16) Cessna 3151H, Reid Hillview Tower, runway 31L, report 1/2 mile final

Cessna 21M, number 2, following a Cessna on a mile and a half final, runway 31R, cleared for the option


83X, runway 31R, number 1

Number 1, 31R

(3:45) Reid Tower, Cessna 7124E holding short 31R, straight out departure

7124E, Reid Tower, cross runway 31R, hold short runway 31L

Cross 31R, holding short of 31L

Cessna 93K, turn right at Echo, (?) Yankee (?)

(?) report 3 mile final


(?) runway 31L, cleared for takeoff


(5:00) (?) traffic appears to be 2 - 3 o’clock, 2-1/2 miles westbound, the altitude indicates (?)


Reid Tower, Citabria 353 passing (?) downwind

Citabria 353, roger, runway 31L, cleared for the option

Ah, 353, we’d like to land (?)

Citabria 353, roger, runway 31L, cleared to land

Cleared to land, 31L, 353

Cessna 83X, right to the end, turn right at Echo, then contact ground 121.65

Right at Echo

(6:20) 18N, traffic is a Cessna, 4 mile final for the parallel runway, altitude indicating 2300

(?) 18N


21M, turn right at Delta, hold short of Zulu, then contact ground


621M, if you’d like, you can make a left turn on Yankee, and then take Yankee to Echo, then contact ground

Turn right to Yankee

621M, turn left on Yankee, take Yankee to Echo and contact ground


次へ : RHVのTOPへ


注意: 2010年09月からFAAのTowerの指示が変わりました。  離陸時に滑走路上で待機せよと言うのが、 新しく国際標準の"Line-up and Wait"に変わり、以前の"Position and Hold" や Taxi into Position and Hold"が廃止されました。  このサイトでは以前の ...Position and Hold."の音声データが大半です。  現在はLine Up and Waitです。申し訳ございませんが、この部分は注意して下さい。



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