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NORCAL South Area その1

音声ファイル 3月31日 夕方5時から7時まで  (無音部分を削除して37分間に圧縮してます。)

この日の夕方5時からです。 この時間帯のアプローチ・チャート ILS と Visual。 VFRなら不用です。

xxx contact San Jose Tower on 124.0. Good Day.

240, we'll do, 1891, good job.

NORCAL, Twin Cessna 340SW with you at 2500 starting a VFR Decent

Cessna 340SW, NORCAL approach, Roger, proceed over the Pruneyard for runway 29 and sierra is current at San Jose

I have sierra to the Pruneyard 0SW

Cessna 7DW climb and maintain 7000

7000 7DW

SkyWest 32 Yankee contact San Jose tower 124.0 good day

24.0 SkyWest 32 Yankee see ya.

And NORCAL November 227M request frequency change to San Carlos

Cessna 227m RADAR Service terminated SQUAWK and maintain VFR frequency change approved good day
good day thank you

53799 traffic 11 o’clock 4 miles northwest bound 2500 descending 737 and 5 in trail a regional jet also descending for San Jose caution wake turbulence

799 tally hoe the first one
(Tally Hoe = 見つけた、発見したぞ。)

Eagle flight 125 descend and maintain 6000.

(Inaudible) I got the field in sight Eagle 125.

Eagle Flight 125 I have a clearance for you in just a moment, Twin Cessna traffic at your 1 o’clock 4 miles north west bound 4300 descending San Jose

We’ll be looking 125

0SW Remain southwest of the San Jose localizer there will be ah traffic inbound to San Jose and be advised there appears to be numerous aircraft north and northwest of south county airport as high as ...

OSW checking looking

Cessna 877DW contact approach 124.52 good day

24.52 good day 7DW

799 traffic 11’o’clock 4 miles 3500 descending a regional jet, 12 o’clock 3 miles maneuvering a helicopter at 1100

799 Tally hoe the jet

Twin Cessna 0SW traffic 8 moving 9 o’clock 2 miles northwest bound regional jet descending to 6000 caution wake turbulence they’re inbound to San Jose.


Cessna 0SW the closest VFR traffic right now is at your 1 looks like they’re moving to towards your 2 o’clock miles Northwest bound attitude indicates 3200 there’s about 4 more of them just beyond that.

0SW, I have ‘em

EGF 125 Descend and maintain 5000

5000 125

799 The helicopter is off your right

799 tally hoe

99 Roger

EF 125 the Twin Cessna is no factor now, cross KLIDE at or above 5000 cleared Visual Approach runway 30L

KLIDE at or above 5000, cleared for the Visual Approach 30L, 125

Cessna 0SW traffic 2 moving 3 o’clock 2 miles southeast bound 3500 indicated

0SW looking

Golden Eagle 1723C NORCAL approach expect San Carlos information (inaudible) x-ray turn (in) landing on runway 30 altimeter 3003

EGF 125 traffic Low level under the final 11 o’clock 3 miles 1600 if you want to pass over the top contact tower 124.0

Okay, ah, American 421

Cessna 0SW traffic will be passing opposite direction low level off your right side at 1500 and 1 o’clock 3 miles

0SW looking thank you

(Inaudible) 495 with sierra (inaudible)

Cessna 495 Roger cross 1-7 DME at or above 5000 cleared Visual Approach to runway 30L

DME at or above 5000 cleared the visual 30L, Cessna 495

OSW contact San Jose tower 124.0

0SW thank you 124


Approach Plate  Jump to ファイル   ・   ・   ・   ・   ・   ・   ・   ・   ・  10(END)

注意: 2010年09月からFAAのTowerの指示が変わりました。  離陸時に滑走路上で待機せよと言うのが、 新しく国際標準の"Line-up and Wait"に変わり、以前の"Position and Hold" や Taxi into Position and Hold"が廃止されました。  このサイトでは以前の ...Position and Hold."の音声データが大半です。  現在はLine Up and Waitです。申し訳ございませんが、この部分は注意して下さい。



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